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Retort sterilizer, Jacketed  kettles,weight sorting machine and wash clean
Retort Sterilizer
Static and Rotray, Hot water spray and immersion
Customized the best one for your products.
Weight Sorting Machine
Belt Type, Tray Type.
Sorting accuracy: ±0.1 g
Mainly use to sorting the nuts, fruit, sea food, chicken and fish, ect.
Multi-Agitators Cooking Mixer
Can be used for mixing and cooking industry, filling cooking industry(Jam, lotus paste, preserved fruit, jujube paste), meat processing industry(pot-stewed fowl, ported meat paste, hoisin sauce), seasoning industry(hotpot condiment, instant noodles paste, chili sauce), hotel, restaurant and fast food site.
Featured Products
Mushroom media project
mushroom grow media sterilization
Coffee Milk in platic bottles sterilization
Country: Saudi Arabic Coffee Milk packed in PP bottles sterilization Rotray hot water immersion type retort Sterilization at 121 degree