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Conceptual design of the weight sorting machine for live fish

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Author : wogoal
Update time : 2020-11-17 15:30:49

Weight Sorting Machinery

The market is often the most popular fish, and it is also more expensive. Live fish suppliers then consider how to ensure weight classification without damaging live fish, because the weight of big fish and small fish almost double the price. The live fish is stimulated by external forces, which will aggravate the activity. How to sort the live fish without damage, our customers bring our questions to our Excellency company for consultation. The engineer developed a plan based on the customer’s site and the performance of the fish’s activities. As shown in Figure

1. The belt type weight sorter is used. Since the fish has a length of 15-32 cm, we recommend that the customer use a cartridge type weight sorter.

2.Improve efficiency – that is, the speed of the fish, through the conveyor belt gently to send the fish into the box, to minimize the stimulation of the fish body because we found that the artificial gentle fish into the box, live fish almost do not move, because They are not stimulated by heavy external forces.

3.We consider the fish that are ideal. When weigh, the fish can’t be beaten. Because it is the dynamic measurement accuracy, the fish will have precision error when passing through the weighing platform. As shown in Figure

4.In order to prevent the fish from jumping out of the box, we added a cover of SUS304 to the box.